2016 Johnson Insurance Tips!

New Year. New Policy.

It’s a New Year and Johnson Insurance would like to offer a few tips to help start 2016 off right and to help give you some peace of mind going into this New Year.

  • Protect your presents: Gifted any high value items this past holiday season? Often, Canadians forget to revisit their insurance policy to ensure their newly acquired possessions are covered. Contact Johnson to ensure your contents limit cover the value of your total belongings which reflects your recent purchases or gifts.

  • Save a bundle: Resolving to save more in the New Year is a worthy goal, but before you lose the latte to save money, consider reviewing your insurance policy to see if you can save money on your premiums.

  • Family Matters: For those starting 2016 with a new fiancé, be sure you find out if that new shiny ring is covered on your insurance policy.

    Call Johnson Insurance today to be sure your policy protects you and your family’s needs this New Year. 

  • 1.855.772.1543 | Johnson.ca

CCANS Bursary: Taking Applicants NOW!

For over 30 years CCANS has been committed to helping fund and facilitate education sessions for front line workers in the Long Term Care. From GPA to international educator Teepa Snow, CCANS has brought our membership the best educators from around the world to ensure Nova Scotians have access to the very best standards of care.

This year we further our commitment to investing in education by issuing a bursary to an individual who is pursuing a diploma or a degree in a field of study related to long term care.

We will be issuing a $3,000 bursary for March 1, 2016 and another $3,000 bursary for  August 1, 2016.


The submission deadline for the first round of bursaries is noon February 8 ,2016, the second deadline for cursory submissions will be June 1, 2016. Candidates may submit for either bursary, submissions received for the first round will also be eligible and entered for the second round.


We do not have any restrictions on “health related” field we consider all disciplines important regardless if your focus is social work, mental health,  commerce, physical therapy, musical therapy, continuing care assistant or nursing (RN/LPN).


Candidates must meet the following criteria:

1)    Must be currently enrolled in a post secondary program with a focus in LTC

2)    Must have 100 hours of work, volunteer or co-op experience in a care setting


Please submit:

1)    a resume with an attached cover letter (500 words max) detailing the qualities that make you a good candidate for the long term care field.

2)    A 1,200 word essay on any one of the following subjects

a)    Memoir of your experience working/volunteering in a care setting

b)    Value of long term care in NS and future trends in provincial health care

c)     How you can make a difference in our provincial health care system.

d)    Discuss the current state of our long term care system?


Please E-mail all submissions to michael_e_walsh@hotmail.com



GPA Coach training - Halifax NS December 9 & 10

CCANS has come to an agreement with AGE to have their Ontario team come to Nova Scotia and provide a Certified Coach Training work shop in December. The CCANS executive will be screening candidates from among our membership. Our goal is to have two candidates from each district who will receive the training and then return to their districts to provide education opportunities to their communities.

The sessions will take place on December 9 & 10 in Halifax, NS. The GPA session is limited to 18 seats so we will need candidate resumes for screening as soon as possible. Access to this training comes with the obligation that Coaches will provide education sessions back in their respective districts to other CCANS membership. This training runs at a cost of $10,000.00 and CCANS is providing it to our membership with the hopes of building GPA capacity across the province. To these ends CCANS will cover the milage, meals and hotel room costs for employees attending.


To be eligible for certification you must be in the role of:

Clinical Staff Educator and provide sup- porting documents that give a brief descrip- tion of your:

  •   Experience in dementia care

  •   Experience in teaching

  •   Current job role and ongoing relationship

    with the recipients of GPA training

    What does a certified coach do?

    A certified coach is responsible for training staff, both professional and non-regulated, that care for persons with dementia in the long term care sec- tor. The GPA basic curriculum is to be delivered in a 7.5 hour day by two certified coaches. The GPA-Recharged program is delivered as a 2 hour refresher. You will be required to teach up to 40 hours per bi-annually which may be supplement by a limited number of continuing education hours, in order to maintain your certification. The curriculum is appropriate for all staff in long term care, complex continuing care, acute care and adult day programs and is being introduced to students studying in related health care fields.In certifying you as a GPA coach, the AGE authoriz- es you to teach GPA educational sessions and the GPA Refresher program to the staff within the geographical region of your workplace. Staff edu- cation should be a reasonability in your job role. You will not charge fees for providing the GPA curriculum. It is your responsibility to use the most recent version of the GPA program and pur- chase edition update materials as required.
  • Schedule:
  • Day 1 - Dec 9, 2014
    1. 8:00 Breakfast and Registration
      8:30 Program Philosophy, Modules 1, 2 & 3 12:00 Lunch
      1:00 Module 3 (continued)
      1:30 Module 4
      5:00 Evaluation & Discussion


      Day 2 - Dec 10, 2014

      8:30 Breakfast & Discussion
      9:00 Review of Modules 3 & 4
      12:00 Lunch
      1:00 Review /GPA
      -Recharged Refresher 3:00 The role of the coach, certification agreement

Annual Excellence in Aging Care Symposium 2014

CCANS is promoting the 2014 Annual Excellence in Aging Care Symposium which will be held Sept 24, 2014 - Sept 26, 2014 at  the Journey Wesleyan Church, 131 Duncan Lane in Fredericton, NB.

This unique Symposium, now in its 7th year, brings the best minds in our field to Fredericton to share up to date information on current issues in Aging Care:

Topics include:

Drugs and drug safety
·        Alternate, natural approaches to pain relief and stroke prevention
·        Current research findings in arthritis
·        Why European countries do better than North America in Aging Care
·        Some innovations in Dementia Care….Dementia Village in the Netherlands

Please see: the York Care Centre for more information!


Johnson Insurance Scholarship 2014

One of our supporting partners Johnson Insurance is generously offering 50 Scholarships valued at $1,000 each to Johnson Affinity group members, home auto clients and their children/grandchildren!

Please see this link ( www1.johnson.ca/scholarship ) and the letter from Johnson Insurance below for more details


"Johnson Inc. 2014

Scholarship Program Opened July 1st

Building on our History of Supporting Customers and Communities

For many Canadian students, the jump from high school to post-secondary education signals a thrilling transition into adulthood. Along with the excitement and independence, however, come new responsibilities like paying for tuition, textbooks and basic daily essentials.

At Johnson, we understand the challenges faced by students during their pursuit of higher education, and we are proud to offer scholarships to help them achieve their dreams. Since 1998, Johnson has awarded over 1500 scholarships valued at more than $1 million to support young Canadians coast to coast in pursuing their post-secondary education.

This year, we are pleased to offer 50 scholarships worth $1000 each to children and grandchildren of Johnson’s affinity group members and home and auto insurance clients.

Students must have completed high school in 2014 and beginning post-secondary education this fall.

Applications for the Scholarship Program will be accepted as of July 1, 2014. Completed application forms must be submitted by October 15, 2014 and must contain an official school transcript of final year credits.

For more information, or to apply for a Johnson Inc. scholarship, please visit our scholarships page at www.johnson.ca or call 1.866.544.2673. "

CCANS 2014 Executive Committee

Following our AGM Elections, the new 2014 CCANS executive members are as follows:

President: Lorna Crocker

Vice President: Michael Walsh

Treasurer: Della Boyle

Secretary:  Cindy Donohue

Marty Wexler and Sandra Nelson are still supporting the Executive in the roles of Past President and Past Secretary.


NOTICE: GPA Coach Training Session TBA 2014

Following the exciting education session on GPA at the CCANS AGM, we know our membership is enthusiastic about getting their staff certified as GPA Coaches. We want you all to know that the Executive is currently working with the Ontario AGE team to facilitate a 2014 GPA Coach training session in Halifax, NS.

Together with AGE, CCANS is developing a province wide strategy to create and foster GPA capacity within our communities and provide a seamless roll out of the program to all sectors. Members who are interested in the training should check the CCANS website for updates to the strategy and the timeline, we will of course be notifying all members via email of the program details as they become ironclad.

We ask for our membership to be patient as we move forward as many factors are being considered to make the most effective use of our resources and time constraints of the AGE team. The VP has been working with AGE on the education component for the past 4 months, we ask members to allow CCANS to facilitate the training and not contact AGE directly as it is creating confusion.

Please be aware that due to class size limitations and the time involved to train, we will be requesting people apply to receive coaching. Criteria for receiving training will be posted this week and we (AGE/CCANS) will begin screening candidates for admission to the Certified Coach Training.