CCANS AGM 2014 Schedule

Here is the 2014 CCANS AGM Schedule! 

We are pleased to have Barb McCoy R.N B.A GNC(c), Dr. Lori Schindel Martin R.N Ph.D and Michele Bliss  as our Keynote presenting on the Gentle Persuasion Approach. GPA curriculum comes highly recommended by our provincial Challenging Behaviour Resource Consultants across all sectors. GPA is affiliated with the PIECES program, but is tailored to front line staff. 

Barb McCoy, Board of Directors, Chair
R.N. B.A. GNC(c), Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant, Co-Creator of Gentle Persuasive Approaches Curriculum

Barbara McCoy is an R.N. and a Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant (PRC) for the Alzheimer Society in Hamilton & Halton. Barbara has worked in Psychogeriatrics in hospital, community and LTC for the past 40 years. Barb is also a Certified Gerontological Nurse through the Canadian Nurses Association. Barb graduated from McMaster with a B.A. in Gerontology and B.A. in Sociology. Her role as a PRC includes assisting staff in understanding behaviours in persons with dementia and/or Mental Health illness through education presentations and assisting in developing comprehensive care plans in consultation with care teams. Barb works in Health Care Sectors in the Community as well as LTC, where she coaches Best Practice and/or evidence based practice. Barb also is involved with applied research projects that improve the quality of life in persons with dementia. Barb is active on the Geriatric and Integration network (GAIN), GPA Advisory Board, Dementia Network, Geriatric Certification Program committee member, Nurse led Outreach Team and Education day in Geriatrics planning committee. Barb believes that AGE leads the way in developing research and evidence based programs that will not only improve the quality of life to the person with dementia, but will improve the quality of care given by the caregiver.

Dr. Lori Schindel Martin, Director
RN, Ph.D, Co-Creator of Gentle Persuasive Approaches Curriculum

Dr. Lori Schindel Martin is the Associate Director, SRC, and an Associate Professor at Ryerson University (Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing) and has held several advanced nursing practice positions in gerontological nursing over the past twenty years. Her program of research focuses on the health care needs of seniors living with cognitive impairments. Current research studies include: evaluating professional development programs developed to enhance the management of responsive behaviours exhibited by residents with dementia in long-term care facilities, and an exploration into the mealtime experiences of older adults with cognitive impairments. Lori currently teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs, with a special interest in high-fidelity mannequin simulation. Lori also acts as a faculty advisor to graduate students and is involved in graduate student supervision. She is the Chair of the Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) Advisory Committee, a national initiative focusing on the development and evaluation of educational objects designed to enhance the practice of front-line staff working with frail older adults in long-term care facilities. She is also actively involved in the Ontario Gerontological Nursing Association, an interest group of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO).

We are also pleased to have Valerie Macleod from AWARE NS presenting on Violence in the Workplace.

Janet Everest and Joanne Lefebre will be presenting for the Human Resource Sector Council on  Employer HR resources, and the new HR Tool Kit developed by the Dept of Labour and Advanced Education.

The DOH&W and DCS roundtables will also take place again this year.

We also will have Noella Martin returning with another fantastic presentation planned.


Please take a look at the attached schedule for more information.