CCANS actively promotes the interests of its membership at the provincial level by participating in provincial  committees, strategic planning and resource development as well as providing feedback for policy and program development. We write letters, engage in legal consultations/action on complex issues and meet with department executives regularly to address industry issues. We also engage with our MLA's, communities and media to help raise awareness and affect positive change for our industry.

CCANS has contributed to;

  • Legal consultations and negotiations on Service Agreements
  • Wage equivalency for front line staff in Residential Care Facilities with those of Nursing Homes.
  • Human resource development, policy development and education standards
  • Improvements to Services for Persons with Disabilities
  • Salary Rate Review for both DOH&W and DCS 
  • Raising awareness of industry issues through advocacy and media
  • Sponsor Continuing Care Month
  • Resolving labor issues
  • Addressing funding concerns for Long Term Care
  • Re-drafting of the Homes for Special Care Act
  • SPD "Putting People First Draft"
  • Coalition on Palliative Care
  • Disability Strategy Partnership

As well, through our strategic partnerships we offer our membership group rates for personal, home and auto insurance, group pension plans, investigating group health plans and perhaps most importantly providing an opportunity for our industry leaders to network and dialog.