The CCANS Bursary

CCANS awards a bursary in the amount of $3000 to one Nova Scotian each year who is pursuing studies in the field of continuing care. 


Candidates will meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in a post-secondary program with a focus on the continuing and long-term care sector.
  • Must have 100 hours of work, volunteer or co-op experience in a care setting.

Please email your application to ccans.est1976@gmail.com before November 1, 2018 including the following:

  • Your resume with attached cover letter (500-word max) detailing the qualities that make you a good candidate for the continuing and long-term care field.
  • A 1,200-word essay on any of the following subjects:
    • Memoir of your experience working/volunteering in a care setting.
    • Value of continuing and long term care in Nova Scotia and future trends in provincial health care from your perspective.
    • How you believe you can make a difference in our provincial health care system and, in particular, the continuing care sector.
    • Discuss the current state of our continuing and long-term care system. 
  • Proof of enrollment in a Nova Scotia post-secondary education institution.